Southern Ocean Decade & Polar Data Forum Week 2021

Online, 20 - 24 September 2021 An Ocean Of Opportunities

Programme - Polar Data Forum IV

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All times are listed in UTC

Monday 20 September

18:30 - 21:40


18:30Semantics and Vocabularies
Hackathon | 18:30 - 20:00
20:10Polar Federated Search
Hackathon | 20:10 - 21:40

Tuesday 21 September

10:00 - 11:30


10:00Interoperability for polar observing networks and logistical resources
Hackathon | 10:00 - 11:30
18:30 - 20:00


18:30Data Policy
Hackathon | 18:30 - 20:00

Wednesday 22 September

08:30 - 09:30 | Together with Second Southern Ocean Decade Workshop

08:30 Ocean technology supporting polar science for the next decade Andreas Marouchos, Research Group Leader, CSIRO
10:00 - 11:30


10:00Best practices for polar data management – an interactive session bringing together polar researchers and polar data managers
Hackathon | 10:00 - 11:30
18:30 - 21:40


18:30VREs for Polar Oceans
Hackathon | 18:30 - 20:00
20:10Documenting Data Flows into Aggregators
Hackathon | 20:10 - 21:40

Thursday 23 September

07:00 - 09:40


07:00 Welcome
07:10 Local to Global Collaboration: the foundation of the emerging polar data ecosystem Peter Pulsifer and the Organizers of the Fourth Polar Data Forum

Session FAIR data for the polar regions

07:25 Data and metadata sharing for polar sciences as the NADC in Japan Masaki Kanao
07:35 Digital Antarctica – A FAIR approach to Australian Antarctic research data Rob E Jennings
07:45 Building a science community through data tools Petra Ten Hoopen, Pip Bricher, Benjamin Pfeil and SOOS Data Management Sub-Committee
07:55 Improving findability and accessibility of long-tail data through the US Antarctic Program data Center Frank, O, Nitsche, Kirsteen Tinto, Shane Neville and Suzanne Carbotte
08:05 The EMODnet Physics Arctic Data Portal Antonio Novellino, Sylvie Pouliquen, Erik Buch and Patrick Gorringe
08:15 Towards an Ecosystem of Interoperable Data Infrastructures: contributions from the Canadian Consortium for Arctic Data Interoperability Peter L. Pulsifer and The CCADI Technical and Management Teams
08:35 Improving FAIRness of aerogeophysics datasets at the UK Polar Data Centre Alice Fremand and Julie Bodart
08:45 FAIR and consistent data management in a large multidisciplinary project: The Nansen Legacy Luke, H., Marsden, Øystein Godøy, Tove M. Gabrielsen, Pål and G. Ellingsen
08:55 Italian polar data archives: current state and future perspectives Giulio Verazzo and Chiara Ripa
09:05 Metadata for a spectral library on snow and ice and FAIR principles Sabina Di Franco, Roberto Salzano, Enrico Boldrini and Rosamaria Salvatori
09:15 From locally to globally FAIRified (meta)data management: Reflections and outcomes from an Arctic Molecular Observatory Christina Bienhold, Matomo Niwane, Matthias Wietz, Raïssa Meyer and Pier Luigi Buttigieg
09:25 The Antarctic Meteorological Research and Data Center: Focus on FAIR Data Matthew G. Noojin and Matthew A. Lazzara
09:35 Closing
16:00 - 18:50


16:00 Welcome
16:10 Data management for ocean reanalysis efforts Matthew Mazloff

Session Federated Metadata Search

16:25 Progress on federating metadata search for the polar regions Pip K Bricher, Ruth Duerr, Rebekah Ingram, Taco de Bruin, Chantelle Verhey, Øystein Godøy and POLDER working group
16:35 Federated Arctic data discovery via the open DataONE network using Matthew B. Jones, Dave Vieglais, Jing Tao, Peter Slaughter, Bryce Mecum and Rushiraj Nenuji
16:45 Spotlighting Arctic Data Collections with the DataONE Portals Infrastructure Amber E Budden, Matthew B. Jones, Chris S. Jones, Lauren Walker, Robyn Thiessen-Bock and Erin McLean

Session Vocabularies and semantic interoperability

16:55 Building a custom ontology to enable advanced search capabilities for MOSAiC expedition datasets archived in the Arctic Data Center Jasmine J.M. Lai, Mark P. Schildhauer, Samantha R. Csik and Bryce D. Mecum
17:05 Linking attributes, linking systems: advancing knowledge translation in the Canadian Consortium for Arctic Data Interoperability Rebekah R. Ingram
17:15 SnowTerm: a terminology database on snow and ice Sabina Di Franco, Paolo Plini and Rosamaria Salvatori
17:25 Advancing Discovery in NASA’s Science Mission Directorate Ruth E Duerr, Kaylin Bugbee, Mark Parsons, Daniel Berrios, Ashish Acharya, Emily Foshee, Anirudh Prabhu and Ahmed Eliesh
17:35 Cryosphere Semantics Harmonization Efforts at ESIP Ruth E Duerr, Pier Luigi Buttigieg, Gary Berg-Cross, Kai L. Blumberg, Mark Schildhauer, Brandon Whitehead, Nancy Wiegand and Chantelle Verhey

Session Data for modellers and remote sensing

17:55 PolarWatch: Overcoming common data access challenges to provide oceanographic satellite remote sensing data for the polar regions Jennifer, P, Sevadjian, Cara Wilson and Dale Robinson
18:05 CANCELLED: Neural networks and transfer learning for glacial lake outburst flood monitoring Thomas Y. Chen
18:15 Closing the gap of navigational risk in unchartered Arctic waters with novel satellite-based data products Mikkel H Bojesen
18:25 OC4-SO algorithm: improving satellite retrievals of chlorophyll a in the Antarctic Peninsula Afonso Ferreira, Ana C. Brito, Carlos R.B. Mendes, Vanda Brotas, Raul Costa, Catarina Guerreiro, Carolina Sá and Thomas Jackson
18:35 Data Use Cases: Applying AI and Data Science Tools to Optical Images and AIS Data from the Arctic Ekaterina Kim
18:45 Closing

Friday 24 September

07:00 - 09:30


07:00 Welcome
07:10 The Final Frontier - Mapping the Southern Ocean Jamie McMichael-Philips

Session Collaborative production of data, information and knowledge

07:25 Polar biodiversity data: from a national marine platform to a global data portal. Petra ten Hoopen and UK Polar Data Centre
07:35 New data on the glaciers of the Koryak Highlands: assessment of the state using satellite images and field studies Maria D. Ananicheva, Department of glaciology of IG RAS, Moscow and Russia
07:45 SO-CHIC: a data infrastructure for the Antarctic community Antonio Novellino, Frederica Colombo, Marco Alba, Jean-Baptiste Sallée and Amelie Lecornec
07:55 Extending Argo float coverage in polar regions Simo Siiriä, Ingrid M. Angel-Benavides, Waldemar Walczowski, Kjell Arne Mork, Edouard Leymarie, Kamila Walicka, Birgit Klein, Matt Donnelly, Romain Cancouët and Laura Tuomi
08:05 The SCAR Antarctic Biodiversity Portal Anton Van de Putte
08:15 ISOBatA: Italian Pilot project for the exploitation of underway seafloor datasets in the Antarctic region and surrounding areas. Daniela Accettella and Alessandra Savini
08:35 Looking back, looking ahead: The ELOKA Program at 15 years Noor Johnson, Matthew Druckenmiller and Peter Pulsifer
08:45 Data Life-Cycle Management to encompass an automated Data Pipeline at Ocean Networks Canada: Community Fishers Program Saurav Sahu, Maia Hoeberechts, Ryan Flagg, Lucianne Marshall, Reyna Jenkyns, Geovany Trejos-Salas, Meghan Paulson, Mitchell Wolf, Tanner Owca, Meghan Tomlin, Megan Kot, Stefanie Mellon, Michael Thorne, Ben Biffard, Derrick Evans and Kristen Meyer

Session Logistical information management / New ships and real-time data in low connectivity locations

08:55 Continued development of a data management system for the new UK polar research vessel, the RRS Sir David Attenborough Alex J. Tate
09:05 Who’s going where and how? What can they do when they get there? Towards an integrated database for polar research logistics and infrastructures Pip Bricher, Joseph Nolan, Simon Keeble and Renuka Badhe
09:15 Optimizing Arctic Observing Through Interoperable Information Sharing Across Networks William, F., Manley, Roberta Pirazzini and Members of the Polar Observing Assets Working Group
09:25 Closing
16:00 - 18:30


16:00 Welcome

Session Knowledge mobilization and decision making

16:10 Arctic Sustainability and the Satellite Record of Maritime Ship Traffic Paul Arthur Berkman
16:20 Leveraging Open Source Technologies to Support Arctic Permafrost Science Kenton McHenry
16:30 Linking many centers – Progress on defining and engaging around Sustaining Arctic Observing Network’s Roadmap for Arctic Observing and Data Systems (SAON-ROADS) Sandy Starkweather and Jan Rene Larsen
16:40 A data tool for planning, prevention, and response to international maritime incidents in the Bering Strait Jill S. Prewitt
16:50 The Permafrost Discovery Gateway Portal: Enhancing online, pan-Arctic visualization and exploration of high resolution permafrost data Christopher, S, Jones, Lauren Walker, Robyn Thiessen-Bock, Matthew, B. Jones and Amber E. Budden
17:00 Quantifying, communicating and confirming rates of coastal change in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region Michael Allchin, Ravi Darwin Sankar, Ryan Mazan, Shannon Christofferson, Navarjun Grewal, Kara Matthews, Graham Wilkes, Jenn Parrott, Peter Pulsifer and Maribeth Murray

Session Data policy

17:20 Alignment of Polar Data Policies - Recommended Principles Stein Tronstad, Pip Bricher, Taco de Bruin, Erik Buch, Hajo Eicken, Dariusz Ignatiuk, Johnathan Kool, Jan Rene Larsen, Frank Nitsche, Helen Peat, Fredrik Persäter, Peter Pouplier, Peter Pulsifer, Anton van de Putte, David Rayner, Simon Riopel, VS Samy, Marten Tacoma, Jen Thomas and Anne Treasure
17:30 Customized data workflow for an interdisciplinary research project. Jean Baptiste Barré, Anne Chapuis, Amélie Bataille and Gaêl Durand
17:40 Arctic Data Systems in the ROADS Process David Arthurs, Peter Pulsifer and Sandy Starkweather

Session Barriers to data sharing / User needs

17:50 Using the Nunaliit Atlas Framework for Mapping the Polar Data Ecosystem Matthew M King, Brendan Billingsley, Pip Bircher, Ruth Duerr and Peter L. Pulsifer
18:00 Walking On Thin (Arctic) Ice: Negotiating the Digital Landscape of Protected and Sensitive Arctic Social Science Research Data Timothy J. Pasch , Renata G. Curty, Noor Johnson, Matthew Jones, Amber Budden, Andrey Petrov and Jonathan Blythe
18:10 Closing Keynote Pip Bricher and Renuka Badhe