Southern Ocean Decade & Polar Data Forum Week 2021

Online, 20 - 24 September 2021 An Ocean Of Opportunities

Documenting Data Flows into Aggregators - Hackathon

Increasingly, data portals are aggregating or federating feeds of data from many sources, as they attempt to provide comprehensive access to particular kinds of data for their users, and as part of a “collect once, use many times” ethos. As these aggregations proliferate, it is increasingly important to document these data flows and provenance, both to maximise the transparency of a data portal to its users and to help data managers identify potential duplications of datasets, QC/QF processes, and gaps in their data holdings. We also recognize that ease of user access should be consistent across aggregators. In this session, we will identify existing tools and best practices to document that information, and decide on a process for documenting data flows, using SOOSmap as an example aggregation.

Please note that this is a joint session with the IOC-UNESCO Ocean Best Practices System's Fifth Annual Community Workshop and subject to their Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct.


  • Pip Bricher - 0000-0001-7975-5307
    Pip Bricher is the data officer for the Southern Ocean Observing System.
  • Antonio Novellino - 0000-0002-3263-5583
    Antonio Novellino is the research and development manager for ETT SpA, and leads the development of the EMODnet Physics portal and SOOSmap.
  • Jay Pearlman
    Jay Pearlman is the director of Four Bridges and is co-chair of the Steering Group for Ocean Best Practices.
  • Patrick Gorringe
    Patrick Gorringe represents the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute and EuroGOOS on International Ocean Affairs.