Southern Ocean Decade & Polar Data Forum Week 2021

Online, 20 - 24 September 2021 An Ocean Of Opportunities

VREs for Polar Oceans - Hackathon

What is needed for VRE’s that support the science we need for the polar oceans that we want. The goal of this session is to articulate the needs of a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) for the polar data community. It is both a needs assessment and visioning exercise that asks participants who represent many different roles what features or components they need in a VRE. We encourage professionals from different roles to weigh in on the discussion: administrators, data managers, research scientists, and policy makers. In addition to the desirable characteristics of VREs in general, are there specific platforms or data feeds that the community would benefit from development. For example, what is the future vision and plan to bring together GOOS, GCOS, GOS and GEOSS or other polar ocean resources.


  • Soulaine Theocharides - 0000-0001-7573-4330
    With a background in computer engineering and biology, Soulaine Theocharides is interested in how researchers leverage technology to conduct their work. She currently works for the World Data System's International Technology Office as a Research Associate, conducting a landscape review on Virtual Research Environments.
  • Anton Van de Putte - 0000-0003-1336-5554
    Anton Van de Putte is a marine biologist that obtained a PhD working on the ecology and evolution of Antarctic fish. During his PhD he became passionate about Open data. He is currently based at the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences and Free University of Brussels. He currently manages the SCAR Antarctic Biodiversity Portal, a regional node for the Ocean Biodiversity Information System. As the Belgian scientific representative to CCAMLR he is keen on translating open data and open science into ecosystem based management in the Southern Ocean.
  • Karen Payne - 0000-0003-0608-5378
    Karen Payne is the Associate Director for International Technology for the World Data System, a component of the International Science Council. Her role is to help WDS member institutions build out their contributions to the global research data infrastructure.