Southern Ocean Decade & Polar Data Forum Week 2021

Online, 20 - 24 September 2021 An Ocean Of Opportunities

Linking many centers – Progress on defining and engaging around Sustaining Arctic Observing Network’s Roadmap for Arctic Observing and Data Systems (SAON-ROADS)

Sandy Starkweather and Jan Rene Larsen

SAON-ROADS has matured as a concept since it was formally introduced to the 2020 Arctic Observing Summit (AOS 2020) as a framework for planning, partnership development and integration of the needed enhancements to the future Arctic observing and data infrastructures. AOS 2020, with its 350 attendees from 28 countries, provided valuable opportunities to dialog about the planning and partnership constructs, including assessment strategies organized around societal benefit, planning mechanisms organized around essential variables and governance for an integrated advisory/expert process. A subsequent series of SAON-led governance discussions have enhanced our understanding of how SAON will use ROADS to draw together its diverse network of partners into a coherent structure of advising and subject matter experts to develop recommendations. Collectively, these partners have turned to SAON to guide Arctic observing and data system development, yet it is important to recognize that SAON’s ability to influence partner actions through collaborative governance is non-hierarchal and therefore constrained. Ostrom (2010) would describe the SAON governance model as polycentric; as the name implies this describes governance systems through which multiple centers of authority are working toward a common goal. This talk will present the role of polycentric concepts in informing the shape of the planning tools and governance constructs within the ROADS process and provide updates and status on the process itself, including how the data community might already begin to engage.